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Charge instruction

  1. 17TRACK will not renew for the users automatically. The purchases can only be done by the users voluntarily.
  2. After the membership purchase, the membership will be synchronized among different devices. No need to pay again.

Quota instruction

  1. There are two kinds of quota: adding quota and tracking quota.
  2. Adding quota means the amount of the tracking numbers that you can add. Adding quota equals current tracking quota minus the amount of the tracking numbers that are being tracked currently.
  3. Tracking quota means the amount of the tracking numbers that you can track per day. It is different according to different membership level.
  4. For example: After you added 40 tracking numbers for the first time and archived 10 of them at the same day, you could still track 40 tracking numbers the next day; while if there were already 30 tracking numbers in your list, you could only add 10 more tracking numbers.
  5. You can free up your adding and tracking quota after deleting or archiving some tracking numbers.
  6. The tracking quota will be deducted after you add numbers or activate the archived numbers.

Other instructions

  1. Membership expiration: if the membership gets expired, the numbers being tracked in your list can still be tracked automatically by our system until the tracking of the numbers ends.
  2. Automatic renewal is not supported for membership purchase. If your membership is going to expire, we will notify you.
  3. Upgrading, downgrading or refund application is not supported for membership level. If you have any questions, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.